Dress Up Your Home’s Interior with Brick Veneer Solutions

Bricks are one of the most common building materials used today, and they are most commonly used on home exteriors as a low-maintenance, affordable and stylish facade. Their unique look is often preferred indoors as well, but it can be costly and inhibiting to install a full brick feature on the interior of your home. The thick nature of the bricks makes their use rather rare on home interiors, but you may still be able to enjoy the look of brick inside your home with brick veneer solutions. These essentially are made from the same material as real brick, but they are slices of brick rather than full bricks. This makes them more affordable and easier to use with interior design projects.

Updating Your Fireplace
One of the most common uses of brick veneer inside the home is around the fireplace. Many fireplaces have a rather undesirable tile or even plaster feature around the fireplace, and brick is a more traditional and upgraded look that homeowners desire. Some will even build a hearth around the fireplace for added character before applying the brick veneer pieces. You can easily choose from a wide range of brick veneer color and style options to find the right one for your home. This is a great do-it-yourself weekend project for the average homeowner. Adding a Decorative Brick Wall
Another fabulous use of brick veneers in the home is a decorative brick wall. Commonly, this type of wall is placed under a bar area or around an island in the kitchen. In both of these areas, it can be a focal point of the kitchen, and the brick veneer will not show as much dirt under the bar area as a standard painted wall shows. You can also get more creative with your brick wall idea and make an entire wall in a study, bedroom, living room or other area a brick wall. This is a wonderful alternative to a traditional painted accent wall, and it will certainly give your home added character and style.

You may have been thinking about different ways to use brick in your home interior, but you may have been dissuaded to pursue your project ideas because of the downsides associated with using real bricks on the interior of your home. With veneers, however, you can easily enjoy the look of real bricks without having to contend with the downsides. For a better understanding, Shouldice Designer Stone may be able to provide additional information on their website.

Posted on: December 4, 2016, by : Pat

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